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We have been a leading provider of irrigation products and solutions for agriculture and landscaping in business for 10+ years. Since 2013, Micro Irrigation Systems (MIS) are becoming essential due to the increasing population, lack of agricultural land, and water scarcity. MIS sprays, drip waters, and sprinkles onto soil surfaces and is vital for crops in urban settings, arid regions, and sub-humid and humid zones. MIS has smaller devices to water precise amounts onto the soil surface very close to plants or at the root zone of the plant. Using MIS over the conventional irrigation system, up to 70% of water can be effectively saved, and up to 40% of fertilizer consumption can be saved.

The MIS industry is growing in India and is expected to grow, and the government has introduced subsidies to farmers to install MIS for their farmlands. The Tamilnadu government has announced a new program to provide 100% subsidies to farmers to install MIS on their land and bring a total area of 87000 hectares under MIS in the next five years, promoting modern-day agricultural practices in the state.

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